Thank you for your interest in a Famous Yatala Pie Drive Fundraiser.  Ideal for sporing clubs, community groups, social clubs, schools and other organisations and groups.

Your savoury product is baked the day prior to distribution and dessert product is baked on the day of distribution.  They are received by the Fundraising Group cold not frozen which allows your customers to freeze products.

Below is our standard pie drive menu, which based on our most popular products.  We do, however, take special requests and fundraising forms can be adjusted to suit.

Our experience has shown that pie drives are better received by consumers in the colder months ( March – October ) and these dates go quite quickly.  Below is an example of information regarding pricing, this pricing is followed with further details on our fundraisers.

Family Sized – Recommended mark up, your profit is $1.50 per item

Recommended mark up $1.50 per pie on the purchase prices listed below

Savoury Average Weight Your Purchase Price Your Selling Price
eg. Plain steak pie 1.25kg $18.30 $19.80



Dessert Average Weight Your Purchase Price Your Selling Price
e.g. Apple 900 grams $10.40 $11.90


SMALL PACK  SIZE – Recommended mark up, your profit is $2

(note caramel can not be frozen)

See the Collector Sheet for the full list of pricing

Download Fundraising Collector Sheet Download Pie Drive Brochure


Are you interested in proceeding with a Yatala Pie Shop Fundraiser?

Yes – it is time to consider a date for distribution.

Please contact us by phone on 07 3287 2468 or email us at

Your, if, buts and how should allow for the following:

  • You must receive confirmation of the agreed distribution date in writing from the Yatala Pie Shop.
  • Orders are to be received by Yatala Pies one week prior to the distribution date but leniency is given on small addition to the bulk order up until three days prior to distribution. At this point in time we are organising ingredients.
  • An invoice will be generated on the day the pie order is placed and a 30% deposit is appreciated at that time. The balance of payment is due on the day of distribution.
  • Each pie is individually boxed and then bulk packed into clearly marked boxes. Packaging bags can be provided on request.
  • You must count in the product and sign for quantities on the day of distribution.
  • Orders over 200 pies within the Brisbane and Gold Coast Metropolitan Areas will be delivered free of charge. Smaller orders must be collected from the Yatala Pie shop.
  • The above prices are only subject to change prior to booking.

Once you have distributed the product you can thank yourself for a job well done.